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Signature treatments

Bamford Body Signature Treatment - 90 mins £200

90 minutes of deeply relaxing massage will de-stress, spirit away tensions, melt anxieties and rebalance your weary body. The treatment starts with a deeply cleansing footbath, followed by a firm-as-you-like massage, using Shiatsu, Meridian and Swedish massage techniques, working together to relieve muscles, detoxify organs and ease energy flow around the body. As you drift into a deep sense of calm, a pressure point massage to your face, neck, shoulders and head, and a little yogic breathing, will see off any lingering languor. Perfect for stress, tension, jet lag or simply pleasure.

Bamford Deep Tissue Massage - 60 mins £160 / 90 mins £200

Working every muscle group this treatment will release even the tightest knots, while it relieves stiff, overworked and weary bodies. It’s a deep tissue massage, with strong, energising strokes, that will help aid the removal of toxins, easing all your aches and pains, including headaches and even profound tensions. Along with stiffness and reduced mobility, all your anxieties will be swept away, for a relaxed, re-energised body and unruffled spirits. Perfect if you’re office-bound, stressed or overworked, a gym and fitness fanatic, or simply suffering tension or tiredness.

Bamford De-Stress Massage -  60 mins £160 / 90 mins £200

An expert, targeted massage will entirely de-stress the body from head to toe, easing every care away. The treatment starts with a divinely soothing footbath, followed by a gentle rhythmic massage using Shiatsu, Meridian and Swedish techniques to revitalise, re-energise and enhance lymph flow, sweeping toxins away. Profoundly soothing, this massage is the ideal antidote to a hectic lifestyle, as well as being a powerful detox treatment, instantly countering sluggishness and bloating. Perfect if you’re prone to stress, anxiety and insomnia, or simply in need of a pampering treat.

Pregnancy Massage - 60 mins £160

When you’re pregnant few things feel more divine than a massage especially designed to release tension and revitalise from top to toe. Created by our pregnancy yoga expert and perfectly safe for you and your baby, this massage uses only the most gentle, unscented oils, and is adapted to entirely suit you, positioning your body for optimal comfort and easing aches and pains, while lifting the spirits. Perfect for expectant mothers in their second and third trimester.

Bamford Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage - 30 mins £85

Focused, deep tissue massage releases even the most stubborn knots and tensions, as well as increasing mobility and range of movement in your neck and shoulders, the part of the body typically most subject to tension. This 30-minute treatment involves deep pressure massage and gentle stretching all over the back, neck and shoulders and is expertly tailored to your individual needs. Perfect if you spend long hours hunched over your desk, or if you simply use the same muscle groups repetitively.

Bamford Jade Hot and Cold Stone Treatment - 75 mins £190

Jade is believed to be symbolic of serenity, which is a state you’re guaranteed by this deeply soothing, specialist treatment. Smooth jade stones, selected for their ability to retain and conduct both heat and cold, are used to stimulate lymph flow and help flush out every toxin, enhancing circulation and easing weary bodies. Used as part of a deep, tension-relieving massage, the stones help spirit away all muscular knots, aches and pains, in a profoundly calming, detoxifying treatment. Perfect if you’re suffering from any stress-related conditions, tension, anxiety or insomnia, or simply in need of a little pampering.

B Silent Massage Treatment - 90 mins £200

Prepare to drift into a deep, nourishing sleep with our new 90-minute wind down for body – and mind. This top to toe treatment begins with a footbath and Japanese shiatsu rocking, as our B-Silent night-time concentrate targets the channels that flow energy up and down the body. Gentle stretching with our B-Silent body oil untangles tensions and loosens joint tightness, as neck and chest massages banish stress to maximise slumber-inducing serotonin levels. As the treatment draws to a close, we apply a B-Silent organic balm to the forehead and temples. Perfect for anyone having difficulty sleeping or struggling with jetlag, this is a luxurious alternative to counting sheep.

Couple’s Massage – 60 mins £290 / 90 mins £370

Our couple’s room is a beautifully tranquil space for two to enjoy quality time and indulgent treatments together. But the full body massage is tailored just for you – choose from destress or deep tissue release, as our skilled therapists create a bespoke experience.

Reflexology Massage – 60 mins £160

The reflexology massage works solely on the feet to boost the immune system, rebalance the body and revitalise the spirit. Using aromatic oils, your therapist will massage away stresses and strains, targeting the foot’s pressure points to tap into energy centres across the body and leave you with a new spring in your step.

Hot Stone Massage – 60 mins £160 /90 mins £200

A soothing, speciality massage that turns up the heat on relaxation. Warm volcanic stones improve the circulation of blood and energy through the body, as your therapist gently works to relieve aches and release strains. Perfect after sit-up sessions in the gym or long days at a desk, this treatment will ease tensions and troubles away.


Bamford Full Body Exfoliation - 45 mins £95

40 minutes of beautifully gentle exfoliation sweeps away dead cells to reveal glowing skin beneath. You will be lightly massaged all over with a warmed blend of pure sea salt, brown sugar, rich oils and skin butters, before dull skin is melted away in a warm shower. Your body is then swept from head to toe in richly nurturing, skin-calming Bamford Geranium Hand and Body Cream. Perfect if you’re in need of a nurturing treatment for glowing skin or you wish to prolong a summer tan.


Bamford Organic Awaken Resurfacing Facial  - 60 mins £160 / 90 mins £200

Bamford Awaken Skincare, containing powerful AHA fruit acids, ultra-fine volcanic exfoliants and lactic acid, combine to remove dead skin cells and resurface the skin for a refined texture and tone. Skin is left smooth, radiant and glowing.

Bamford Organic Restore Rejuvenating Facial  - 60 mins £160 / 90 mins £200

Bamford Restore Skincare, containing sodium hyaluronate, cacay nut oil and soy stem cells, combine to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin and repair any damage. Skin is left firmer, lifted and more youthful looking.

Bamford Organic Purity Detoxifying Facial  - 60 mins £160 / 90 mins £200

Bamford Purity Skincare, containing lilac extract and mineral-rich detoxifying clays, combine to extract impurities and pollution and reduce blemishes or dark spots. Skin is left soothed, pure and beautifully clear.

Bamford Rose Upper Body and Facial Treatment - 60 mins £160

Rose is perennially calming, nurturing, and the central extract in this divinely indulgent treatment for face and body. Commencing with gentle exfoliation of your back and an upper body massage, your face, neck and shoulders are swiftly de-stressed using a combination of light, sweeping strokes and deeper pressure points, while the treatment culminates in a mini facial and uplifting Indian head massage. If you’re seeking deep relaxation along with clear, glowing skin, this treatment is tailor-made for you.  

Thalassotherapy Rituals

Renewal Ritual - 120 mins £250

This ancient ritual uses Dead Sea Mud for a deep skin detoxification and regeneration. A unique ritual that blends wellbeing and relaxation.
Your treatment begins with the beautifully fragranced soap and Dead Sea salt full body exfoliation, making the skin smooth, silky and bright. Your therapist will then apply a gentle and relaxing Dead Sea Mud wrap. While the wrap is activating, enjoy a relaxing express facial. After showering off the mud wrap, experience an invigorating massage that detoxifies the body and promotes elimination of excess liquids. This treatment will leave you feeling toned, invigorated and rejuvenated.

Renewal Aromatic Thalasso Massage - 80 mins £190

Your treatment begins with an energizing and detoxing massage using warm Dead Sea Mud. Following the massage, you are cocooned in the wrap to maximize the benefits of the minerals and ingredients in the mud. The wrap is then removed and a beautiful oil is applied to the skin.
This treatment eliminates impurities and toxins through drainage of excess liquids which improves appearance of the skin and leaves the skin toned and smooth.

Thalasso Bandage - 80 mins £200

This treatment starts with a full body exfoliation followed by the application of a Dead Sea salt bandage in gel form. Enjoy a relaxing face and scalp massage whilst the bandages are activating the skin. Bandages can be made warm or cold depending on your needs and preferences. Your treatment concludes with a relaxing massage that supports elimination of excess liquids and leaves the body with a bright and toned appearance.

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