Online booking reservations policy

  • We will reconfirm your reservation by text message 72 hours prior to arrival. You will have the option to either reply to confirm or call to cancel. If you have not confirmed your reservation 48 hours before booking, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and resell the table.
  • Please be advised that you will have a strict seating time of 2 hours for bookings of up to four guests, and 2 and a half hours for bookings of five guests and above.
  • A charge will only be incurred if you fail to arrive for your reservation without notice, or cancel your booking within 48 hours of your reservation. The amount that you will be charged is £50 per person.
  • Adjustments to booking numbers can be made at any time at no extra charge, subject to availability.
  • We respectfully ask for guests to be ready to sit at the table at the indicated booking time. We would ask you to kindly notify the restaurant if you are delayed as we may release the table after 15 minutes of the reservation time.
  • To respect the privacy of all our guests we kindly ask that you refrain from taking photographs.