Hamilton: an American musical


Hamilton the musical: the excitement generated about it is hard to overstate. It’s been called 'the world’s greatest musical' and has already broken records. So is the fuss surrounding a hip-hop musical about a US founding father really warranted?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, and if there’s any way you can beg, borrow or steal a ticket then do so, as Hamilton seems to have a magical ability to inspire devotional worship in almost anyone who sees it.

On the face of it, you might wonder why. After all, a musical that struts its way through the American Revolution to a rap beat sounds like a peculiarly niche interest show rather than a global hit with mass appeal, but it has been transforming musical theatre as we know it and making both its hero, Alexander Hamilton, and its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, household names.

It is based on the true story of Hamilton, a founding father of the US, whose ambition drove him from Caribbean outsider to war hero and right-hand man to George Washington. The story is told by a cast of non-white actors in a strikingly different way from anything you’ll find in a history book, mixing up history and current politics.

If you’re not already a convert, listen to the hugely successful soundtrack. As you may surmise, it is not just fans of rap who have been won over by it.

It’s on at the Victoria Palace Theatre, which has been refurbished especially for this production.

America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. You let me make a difference. A place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up.

Hamilton, The World Was Wide Enough

Need to know

Lin-Manuel Miranda will be appearing in some London performances. Look out for announcements to find out when — although tickets for these performances will be rarer than gold dust.

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06 December 2017 - 30 March 2019


Victoria Palace Theatre
Victoria Street


Performances at 7.30pm Monday to Saturday and matinees at 2.30pm on Thursday and Saturday.

The show lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes.