Witness for the Prosecution

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

No one wrote tension quite like Agatha Christie, and there are few greater settings for this nail-biting murder mystery than the grand chamber at London County Hall. This immersive theatrical experience transforms the stage into a courtroom and casts the audience as jury members.

Leonard Vole is on trial for his life, accused of murdering the wealthy widow who, it transpires, has left everything to him in her will. The barristers present the evidence and the case appears clear-cut. One by one, parties are called to testify, but everything hangs, quite literally, on the statement of Vole’s own wife. Will he walk free, or will he face the ultimate penalty? Expect intense scenes, duplicitous characters, dramatic performances and the kind of knotty narrative and twist we have come to expect from Agatha Christie, the grande dame of detective drama. From first statement to summing up, Lucy Bailey’s well-judged, Olivier Award-nominated production is an edge-of-your-seat watch. All rise…

The play’s appeal lies not just in its mystery but in its courtroom formality and its reminder that the law itself is a theatrical ritual. 

Michael Billington, The Guardian

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25 April 2018 - 1 September 2019


London County Hall
Belvedere Road