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Turn It Up: The Power of Music

A fascinating exploration of sound and its ability to inspire, shape and alter, the programme features cutting-edge research, impactful art installations, AI robots and deeply personal stories that shed light on our unique relationships with music.

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Art meets science

Create melodies with Lego-style building blocks. Hear pop icons relay their earliest musical memories. Look ahead to an AI-conducted future. This hands-on touring exhibition invites visitors, from the littlest maestros to grown-ups, to think about the meaning of music – and what makes such an everyday element of life so extraordinary. Now in London at the Science Museum until May, it’s perfectly pitched for families. 

Striking a chord

Immersive and sense-awakening, this is where art meets science. Creativity is unleashed in the vibrant musical playground, where children are encouraged to dance to their own tune. Meanwhile, aspiring dancers can channel their inner Strictly star in front of the digital dance mirror. And here, orchestras take on a whole new look with instruments such as the Pyrophone, that makes music fuelled by fire.

Listen to scores to decide whether it’s human-crafted or bot-made with the Turing test – and watch the future of music-making with Haile the robot. There are exhibits to see too, such as the fascinating MiMU Gloves that Ariana Grande, and others, are using to produce and perform – lending a whole new meaning to ‘hands on’.   

Instrumental to life

At the Turn It Up exhibition, the underlying tone is one of wonder. How music triggers memories – and makes new ones. Why a melody can stir feelings. And when we play music, what it is that connects the hands, head and heart. Inspiring on every level, it’s impossible to visit without tapping toes and whistling melodies.

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Now - 6 May 2024


Science Museum,
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington,