'Snowfall' at The Berkeley

Twinkle, twinkle, 137,000 stars…

Magical, mesmerising, simply unforgettable… Prepare to step into a real-life winter wonderland. This year, you won’t have to dream of a white Christmas as, once again, snow will be falling when you arrive at The Berkeley.

Yet there’s no need for warm hats and woollen mittens here. The glittering ‘snow’ that drifts down from the hotel’s entrance is a wintry work of art made from 137,000 tiny lamps. Each is perfectly positioned to create an enchanting canopy of lights.

By day, this twinkling installation acts as a mirror ball, bouncing sunlight as it streams through the glass canopy. But when twilight comes, the enchantment heightens. After dark, The Berkeley’s entrance becomes a dreamlike illumination, as the sparkling lights fall like snow from the starry skies onto the stone steps below.

It’s an installation from the bright sparks at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. An installation that has to be seen, to be believed.

The installation evokes an intense snowstorm as guests enter and leave the hotel, highlighting the sensation of warmth and cosiness inside.

Stephen Spence, lead designer

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