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111Skin at The Berkeley

A boundary-breaking brand on a mission to elevate skin confidence, 111SKIN brings an innovative trio of aesthetic treatments from Harley Street to the Bamford Wellness Spa. Experience surgical-level results in a soothing, spa setting with three signature facials that leave the complexion smooth, sculpted and luminous – and you ready to face the day.

Innovative - and iconic

The vision of renowned surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides, 111SKIN marries the possibilities of aesthetic enhancement with the power of skincare. Along with his co-founder, Eva Alexandrides, Dr Yannis has drawn on three decades of clinical experience – and the insights of international space scientists – to develop a series of original treatments and products that dramatically revitalise, repair and perfect the complexion.
From fine black diamond powder and peptides to needle-less fillers and natural botanicals, 111SKIN’s pioneering formulas began drawing attention across the globe – gaining A-list ambassadors and fashion-world devotees.
Today, its mission remains the same: to reveal the confidence within.

111SKIN Signature Harley Street Facial - 60 mins £180

A high-performance facial formulated to calm and soothe damaged, inflamed and irritated skin. Originally created by Dr Yannis Alexandrides to accelerate the post-surgery healing processes, this facial epitomises the best of 111SKIN’s famed surgically-inspired skincare. Harnessing the power of its exclusive NAC Y2™ complex to strengthen the epidermal barrier and prevent further inflammation, this facial magnifies the restorative effects of our Reparative Collection to enhance your skin. Expect dryness, dehydration, sensitivity and redness to immediately lessen and be improved – helping you achieve that feeling of total skin confidence.

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Lift Facial - 90 mins £250

The most opulent anti-ageing facial. A luxurious experience that harnesses the power and potency of 11SKIN’s Intensive Collection to promote a youthful, sculpted appearance. This treatment includes a unique facial peel and uses products enriched with Retinol, Fine Diamond Particles and 111SKIN’s patented NAC Y2™ formula. With a combination of Wrinkle Minimising Wand movements and signature massage techniques, this facial ensures skin is fresh and taut, sculpting along the natural contours of the face for a truly lifted and youthful appearance.

111SKIN Cryo Depuffing facial with CRYO globes - 60 mins £180

This treatment is designed to increase microcirculation in the skin to detoxify and reduce puffiness. Brighten by increasing oxygen flow. Energising treatment to make skin appear firmer and luminescent. Perfect for tired skin to help counteract pollution. The relaxing CRYO globes massage will sculpt and contour the face. Created to work without access to a CRYO machine, this treatment is composed of massages that care for the skin three-dimensionally, using a special tool on finest of lines and contouring the face impeccably for a refreshed glow.

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Opening Hours

Daily: 9am - 9pm

Christmas Day: 9am - 5pm

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment is due to start. This will give you plenty of time to change and relax.

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Call: +44 (0)20 7201 1699
Email: haybarn@the-berkeley.co.uk

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