Yoga at The Berkeley

Discover inner peace. Hone outer strength. Yoga is a powerful practice that restores, re-aligns and reconnects mind and body. Whether through one-to-one guidance or small group classes, yoga sessions at The Berkeley are an invitation to find your flow and enjoy top-to-toe benefits.

From strengthening Vinyasa to fun-filled yoga for children, Bamford Wellness Spa sets a serene scene. A place of light, quiet harmony, where you can salute the sun – whatever the weather.

Be restored: one-to-one yoga and spa sessions - 120 mins £240

Stretch and de-stress. This two-part experience is the ultimate way to rebuild core strength and restore a sense of calm. It begins with a private, hour long Vinyasa or Yin Yoga class – guided by our resident yoga teacher Markela. A signature Bamford De-stress Massage follows, for 60 minutes of uplifting downtime.

Be energised: group classes - 60 mins £35 per person

For those who prefer stronger asanas and the feeling of flowing energy, our Vinyasa group classes will suit. Bringing body and breath into harmony, fluid movements strengthen bones, muscles and posture – as well as boosting metabolism.


  • Saturday: 10am

Each class is limited to just four people, allowing time and space for personalised guidance.

Children’s yoga: private sessions and group classes

Proof that you’re never too young to perfect your downward facing dog. Whether it’s a small group class or a private booking, our children's yoga is as much about fun as it is about flexibility. Each themed session begins with 30 minutes of yoga practice, carefully created to suit little ones, before 15 minutes of breathing exercises. And we always finish with made-for-mindfulness yoga colouring – a relaxing way to round things off.


  • Saturday: 9am
  • Bespoke sessions on demand

Group sessions: £25 per child, 60 minutes
Private classes: £150 per hour

Opening Hours

Daily: 9am - 9pm

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment is due to start. This will give you plenty of time to change and relax.

Contact Us

Call: +44 (0)20 7201 1699

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