• People & Service
    • People & Service

      Our beautifully choreographed service stops at nothing to help you enjoy your stay at The Berkeley.

      Creating a relaxed atmosphere in a luxurious London residence with all the comforts of home requires hard work and the seamless coordination of every member of our staff.

      The Berkeley is celebrated for service. From the welcome you receive as you enter, to the attention to detail from those who learn your preferences and requirements, each member of our team forms part of a beautifully choreographed performance. It’s all designed to ensure you can make the most of your time with us.  

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      Superlative service

      We take our five-star status very seriously and stop at nothing to deliver outstanding superlative service: 

      • Every new member of our front-of-house team goes on a detailed tour of Knightsbridge, to be well informed when asked to recommend things to see and do in the local area. 
      • In order to maintain our astonishingly successful guest recognition programme, staff at The Berkeley carry books in which to note special preferences of guests. No detail is too small, and we record our observations on a guest profile card which enables us to tailor your next stay as accurately as possible and even create some truly delightful and unexpected moments for you.
      • Our pastry chefs spend time with the most exacting pâtissiers in Paris, then return to create their detailed delicacies for Prêt-à-Portea.
      • To make sure you get to spend the maximum time undisturbed in your room – whether you're working or relaxing with family – we send in a single, ruthlessly efficient team to take care of every aspect of the daily refresh with organic toiletries, crisp linen and an eye for the little details that a truly great hotel never misses.
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