• Rooftop hula hooping
  • Rooftop Hula Hooping Classes

    Taking fitness trends to new heights this summer, The Berkeley Health Club & Spa is launching London’s first rooftop hula-hooping masterclasses. Twirling hips and wiggling waists will be all the rage as The Berkeley partners with leading hula-hoop fitness experts HulaFit®.

    Burning up to 600 calories an hour hula-hooping is a firm favourite at keeping silhouettes svelte for celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Emma Stone, and this twirl-tastic exercise has even been known to keep Beyonce bootilicious.

    Distinguished from other hooping classes, HulaFit® is designed to focus on both the fun and the fitness of hula-hooping targeting core muscles for a supreme abdominal workout. HulaFit® masterclasses will teach a wide variety of hooping styles to burn calories, tone muscles and teach tricks. Beginning with the basic ‘Waist Hooping’, progressing to ‘Turning & Pirouettes’, ‘The Limbo’, ‘The Vortex’, ‘Body Wraps’ and the ultimate ‘Booty Bump’. From simple waist curls to more advanced techniques, HulaFit® will keep the intensity high combining sexy style with challenging cardio. Following each class, Berkeley hula-hoopers can enjoy a relaxing dip and a well-deserved poolside lunch overlooking panoramic views of Hyde Park and bustling Knightsbridge.

    Class booking information

    HulaFit® classes are open to hotel guests and visitors alike, and are available every Wednesday from 11am to 12 noon, from June 1 to September 28, 2016.

    £65 per person, to include an additional two hours’ use of the rooftop pool and a delicious smoothie.

    To book please call The Berkeley Health Club and Spa reception on +44 (0) 20 7201 1699 or email hulahoop@the-berkeley.co.uk.