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      Bamford Body Signature Treatment - 85 mins £150
      Opening with a cleansing footbath followed by shiatsu, meridian and Swedish massage, this treatment awakens and penetrates the muscles and energy channels of the body. Reflexology to the feet helps to encourage the positive flow of energy throughout the body and to detoxify the organs. pressure point massage to the face, neck, shoulders and head is deeply relaxing and uplifting. The treatment culminates with assisted yogic breathing to refresh the lungs and revitalise the whole of the body.
      Bamford Deep Tissue Massage - 55 mins £110 / 85 mins £150
      An excellent full-body massage focusing on major muscle groups as well as stimulating sources of energy deep within the body.  
      Bamford De-Stress Massage -  55 mins £100
      A concise treatment including many of Bamford’s signature techniques that aid in the reduction of stress. A soothing footbath is followed by shiatsu, meridian and Swedish massage, awakening energy and relieving tension. reflexology and leg massage follows, encouraging the positive flow of energy throughout the body, cleansing it of toxins and restoring vitality. 
      Bamford Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage - 25 mins £55
      A brief yet deep massage focussing on the most common areas of tension in the body. Swedish massage  techniques are used to work into the muscle groups of the back and shoulders with special attention given to any knots. Specific pressure points are targeted in the upper back and neck to encourage full relaxation and release of tension.  
      Bamford Jade Hot and Cold Stone Treatment - 85 mins £150
      Jade is a stone rich in legend and mystery. It is a symbol of purity and serenity. Its chemical composition lends itself to retaining heat and conducting energy. A massage with organic oils is combined with warmed and cooled stones. a unique and profoundly relaxing experience. 
      Any December bookings will receive complimentary access to the facilities including our exclusive rooftop pool with views over Knightsbridge and Hyde Park and access to our Private Rooftop Gym, Sauna and Steam room.   
      Bamford Pregnancy Massage - 55 mins £100
      A treatment tailored to the specific needs of the expectant mother, using gentle and unscented oils. Designed by an expert in pregnancy yoga, the client is positioned for optimum comfort and support for mother and baby, making this a safe, deeply relaxing and restorative treatment. 
      Bamford Full Body Exfoliation - 40 mins £60
      The whole of the body is lightly massaged with a warmed blend of pure sea salt and brown sugar suspended in rich oils and butters, loosening dry and dead skin cells and giving way to smooth new skin. The sugar polish is removed with a warm shower and the treatment finishes with the application of bamford geranium hand and body cream.  
      Bamford Rose Upper Body and Facial Treatment - 55mins £105
      An indulgent treatment incorporating gentle exfoliation of the back followed by an upper body massage. The face, shoulders and neck are massaged with particular attention to pressure points. The treatment culminates with an uplifting Indian head massage. 

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      Direct dial: +44 (0)20  7201 1699
      Hotel dial: 8007


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