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    • from 01/08/2015 to 26/02/2017
      Event: Comedy Theatre: The Play That Goes Wrong 2016/17

      Location: Duchess Theatre, WC2

      The Play That Goes Wrong is a riotous romp of a play within a play about a hapless amateur dramatic society’s attempts to put on a 1920s Agatha Christie-style murder drama.

      Of course everything goes very, very wrong, and the production within the production is a complete disaster, but it’s a slapstick tongue-in-cheek wrong that has had audiences flocking to see it.

    • from 23/07/2016 to 17/04/2017
      Event: Great Fire Exhibition

      Location: Museum of London, EC2

      Shortly after midnight on September 2, 1666, a fire broke out in a bakery on Pudding Lane in the City of London. Within three hours the house was engulfed and fire had begun to spread through the city of closely-built, half-timbered houses, dry as a tinderbox after a long hot summer.

      The exhibition Fire! Fire! marks the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire which destroyed much of the old medieval city and became a turning point in the story of London.

    • from 13/10/2016 to 05/02/2017
      Event: The Vulgar Show 2016/17

      Location: Barbican Art Gallery, EC2

      Vulgar: a loaded word suggesting exposed ambition defining the limits of good taste. But what or who defines it? And when and how does the once vulgar suddenly become the height of fashion? These are the questions at the heart of the Barbican Art Gallery’s autumn/winter exhibition The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined.

    • from 02/11/2016 to 12/03/2017
      Event: Hair: The Story of a Stylist 2016/17

      Location: Somerset House, WC2

      Somerset House is hosting a major exhibition to celebrate the brilliant career of the master hairdresser Sam McKnight, who has been styling fashion shoots, royalty, models and celebrities since the 1970s.

      Hair by Sam McKnight is the first major exhibition to examine hair in high fashion. It follows the stylist’s 40 years in the business, during which time he created some of the most iconic looks in popular culture, from Princess Diana to Cara Delevingne, and Chanel to Fendi.

    • from 14/11/2016 to 18/02/2017
      Event: Theatre: Buried Child

      Location: Trafalgar Studios, SW1

      Buried Child is about despair in America. And, although perhaps not the most cheerful of plays, it is both funny and darkly macabre, and likely to be worth the misery just to see the very compelling Ed Harris and his real-life wife Amy Madigan play a desperately unhappy couple on stage.

      The Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Sam Shepard is set in 1979, as the US struggles with economic slowdown and political unrest. The story is about a dysfunctional family from rural Illinois, farmers whose land is barren and family broken by tragedy, drink and a family secret.

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